Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Well yesterday I just visited with Ken's Mom most of the day. I did visit with Ronda and we were starving so we went to pizza delight for lunch. Emily said supper wasn't going to be ready until 7PM. Just as I was finishing eating, Ken called and said his mom called to tell him to call me because supper was ready. (that was a mouthful!) She made roast beef, mashed potatos,homemade rolls, asparagus, carrots and apple crisp for dessert!! I dared not tell her that I had already eaten, so I had to eat again. It was delicious and God must have helped me to eat it!! If anyone is reading this that talks to her, you are sworn to secrecy!! An hour or so after supper, Earl went to the store and brought home icecream and we all had icecream cones. I am going to be a blimp when I get home.
Tessa, I am scared to get on the scales when I get home, but Emily's scale says I am exactly the same. I haven't sat still much though , so that is probally helping!!

Today I will just visit some and I'm thinking of getting a realtor to show me some lakefront property. Then there is church tonight.
PS I haven't posted about the fourth of July yet because my camera battery died and I had to use a disposable one, so I'll have to develop it and scan those photos later.

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fonda said...

How did the lake front shopping go?