Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I spent the day at another quaint town called "St Andrews by the Sea" with my friend Ronda. I usually spend some time here everytime I come home. We did the shops, spent some time by the ocean and had lunch outside at one of the sidewalk cafe's. It was another very hot day, but the ocean gives off a nice breeze so it was beautiful. It was another great day!! 3 More Days and I'll be home! I'm getting ready!! PS We also had a tour of the Ganongs Chocolate Museum and we could eat all the chocolate we wanted while there! As I said this trip has not been good for my waistline!!


Mrs. Wizzle said...

Aaaahhhhhhh ! If only I had known. did you get any chicken bones????????? Ganongs makes the absolute best!!!

fonda said...

I miss you....and I am a little jelous of all your sea viewings and quaint shop browsing. Glad you are enjoying your vacation. See you Saturday ! Call me and tell me what time you are going to the wedding.

fonda said...

Hi Aunt Tina
When are you gonna come back? I love you. Is that your house with the red door? I like your blue shirt. I like your skirt. Bye, I love you....
Preston said...

Sheesh Tina, I want to be there too..
Looks like a vacation province for sure. Beautiful New Brunswick!!!
I didn't know it was so tourist attracting.
The ocean is so gorgeous!!
Have a wonderful 3 more days Tina.
See you soon

Judy King said...

Miss ya! You look cute and summery!

holmessellshomes said...

Thank you Sis. King. I miss you all too. I am ready to come home! Can you email me?

Merily, I soooo wish you could have been here with me! We would have had a blast together. It is a wonderful place to vacation, but not live. I would love to bring you down sometime! And yes, I wish we could bring those house prices to Calgary, but not the economy!

Fonds, So to make you jelous, NOT!! LOL
I miss you too, Preston.
I am leaving for the wedding at around 11AM.

Sheri, I will try to get you some chicken bones!! I didn't buy anythign because I like to eat it too much!!

Ronda said...

I must say that I would strongly disagree with "whoever" said this is a great place to visit but not to live!
I have lived in several provinces and this is the best of everything. As for the economy, we may not make the largest amounts of money here; but, we also don't pay through the nose for everything so there is time for family and fun and not just work, work, work.
Everyone doesn't feel the need to spend every moment making the almighty dollar. Yes, I know I am opinionated. I have been told that many times this week!

Ronda said...

WHO in the world ate ALL that food!!! I can't imagine!!!

holmessellshomes said...

I meant to say Sorry to make you jelous. I was typing fast and didn't check things out before I posted.

No, that is not my house with the red door, just a house I liked. Thank you for the compliments on my skirt and shirt. I love you and miss you.

Ronda said...

Who is that girl in the pink??? Is it your daughter? LOLOLOLOL!!! hahahah!!!

Irene Diffin said...

Tina, your Aunt Kathy and Iwere in St Andrews that same day, she took me there for my Birthday, so sorry we diden,t meet , I could have shown you some of your hearitage , My Mother was born in St. Andrews My Great grand father came from County Down Ireland To Saint Andrews, Kathy and I went to the church they went too , and seen his grave stone in the church yard. I always loved going there, as it seemed part of me, and also My Mother It was so wonderful to see you , and be with you for awile,hope I will be here when you come again love Always Grand Mother D

holmessellshomes said...

I so wish I would have met up with yu. I wdid not know about that poart of my heritage and I would have loved to see these places and to see you and Aunt Kathy again.
How is Dad doing?

holmessellshomes said...

Ronda, I thought the girl in pink was my mother!! LOL
As for the other, I think I'll just let it pass this time without argument!!!