Sunday, July 06, 2008

Berry picking at Fonda's. We tried to explain to the kids what to look for in a berry so they could pick good ones. When we got home we realized that Destiny had it all figured out. She would take a bit out of it and if it tasted good she would add it to her basket!
We are having beautiful weather here!!


AngAdelle said...

Awww mom I wish I could have come with you.....I would have loved to see all of my cousins again! oh well maybe nest time! :) Love you and miss you! said...

My O My!!
What a gorgeous piece of land Tina!
Is this Fonda's?
I sure do miss not seeing you. But, have a wonderful time with your family. Precious time!!

holmessellshomes said...

HI Merrily,
I miss you guys too, but I am having a fabulous time. No, this is not Fonda's property, it is a U pick berry farm. The kids having Breakfast is on Fonda's property though.

I so wish you could have come with me too. It is so hot here and I am getting to see thing that I haven't done down here before. YOu would love the cousins for sure. They were all so dissappointed that you did not come. I think everyone ask me right away if you were here. I love you and miss you.

Thanks for the commments. They made !!my day

Mary Frances said...

OH strawberry that looks like fun!