Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Desperate or what???!!!!! That's just wrong! How sad. Her 14 year old daughter said her mother is embarassing her.

"We all know that the real estate market is really bad right now, but apparently it’s also very difficult time for finding love.

So, single mom and real estate agent Devon Traboscia came upon a brilliant (or brilliantly crazy) idea of selling her house … and herself on eBay and Craigslist:"

In the ad, Traboscia writes:

"If you want to live the never ending dream and experience the real love, life and the romance you have always felt was a fairytale then this is the vibrant outstanding woman of your dreams! To sweep this European Loving Lady off her feet send in your application right now."

She goes on to say that her four bedroom, 2,000 square-foot home, that will be included in the deal, has "neutral colors, Berber carpet, and upgraded tile".

Thanks Anna for sharing this with me. I did enjoy it and it makes me want to do better.

A Lesson Learned from Ken Blanchard

Dear Anna,
A few years ago I was invited to spend some time with Ken Blanchard at his lake home in upstate New York. Over the last 20 years Ken has probably sold more books than any other business author. His classic, The One Minute Manager, has sold over 10 million copies. He has also built a large training company with the focus on servant leadership and customer service.

I've had the good fortune to meet many successful businessmen, authors, and speakers during my career, but I've never met anyone that "walked the talk" more than Ken. He gets it. The first night of my visit to Ken's lake home, we were sitting on the deck with Humberto, his son-in-law, talking about some ways we could work together. It was about 10 p.m., when all of a sudden Ken jumped up and asked to be excused. He returned about 10:20 and Humberto asked "What happened?" Ken said,

"I can't believe it; I forgot to call Dorothy on her birthday."

Later that night, after Ken had gone to bed, Humberto told me that Dorothy is an 85 year old part time employee for the company. It then dawned on me that at 10 p.m. Ken left to spend almost 20 minutes talking to Dorothy and inquiring about how she had spent her special day. However, after spending more time with Ken over the next year, I came to realize that this was no fluke. This is who he is. The last time while visiting him at his San Diego office, I learned that one of his employees who worked in the warehouse had recently passed away. On that day, Ken had invited the employee's wife to come to his office. When she arrived, he spent an hour walking around with her carrying a tape recorder to record all of the wonderful memories that other employees had of her husband. When the wife left she said it was a day she'd never forget.

You see, what many leaders would have considered a waste of time, Ken saw it as an opportunity to serve and to thank his people. He doesn't do it because it's expected of him, he does it because he truly cares. It comes from his heart, and his people love him for being the servant leader that he is.

This is an old Chinese poem that offers wonderful advice for any leader:

GO to the people
LIVE among the people
LEARN from them
LOVE them.
START with what they know,
BUILD on what they have.
But of the BEST leaders,
When their TASK is accomplished,
Their WORK is done,
The PEOPLE will remark,


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taken form Karen Hopper's blog. Something to think about. Maybe reevaluate what's special to us.

"How true it is that in all our losses (the simple and the complex) we find ourselves fretting and worrying about those things we feel are very special to us. But think again, are they all that special or just a glob of melting substance that was there to satisfy our mortal appetite?"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ladies retreat was a special time. It was very relaxing and laid back. The crowd was small, so it felt very personal and we were able to fellowship with one another and got to know some people we had only seen in passing before. Sis. Zilinski did a great job organizing everything and bringing it all together. Sis Oakes, the speaker, was very down to earth with a great sense of humor. Sis Dehod and I won a free registration for next year. Yay! The idea that stood out to me the most was eah night writing down the best thing that happeded to you that day, then at the end of the week writing the thing fron the list that was the best for the week, then the month and then the year. The idea was to change your focus from the negative to the positive. I am trying to do that experiment. All of it was good, but that is what I really brought home with me. The whole thing seemed to focus on how to be a Godly, victorious lady and Sis Oakes seems to exemplify that in her life , what little I saw of it. One lady recieved the Holy Ghost and a few others were seeking for it. Thank you Karen for sharing your room with me. It was a blessing to be able to go.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A couple of things rolling in around my mind this morning. I have not developed the thought, but am throwing them out anyways.
#1 The road between the promise and the fulfillment is sometimes VERY long.
#2 harvest then home

The first one has ben going over and over in my mind for a few days. The second were those words, acompanied by a semi, half awake sort of dream, of a farmer on a combine nearing the end of the day and anxious to get home, maybe they will mean something different to each individual. I know what they mean to me.
I hope everyone is having a blessed day!