Friday, September 21, 2007

Nothing left except the trunk and the mulch!

Just a portion of the trunk and a pile of branches left.

more branches gone

missing a few branches, butstill standing strong!

This tree has been standing here growing bigger and stronger for approximately 46 years and within a few short hours it was totally gone. All that is left is a few stumps that will be burned for firewood and some mulch wich can be used for some good in a garden. This got me to thinking about Reputation. We can work all of our life to build a good reputation,, one of character, and in a moment of temptation or anger or whatever, it can be stripped away and we are left with just a few stumps and some mulch. We are ground down to nothing! Gaurd your reputation. It is worth everything! You worked too hard and long to let it be stripped away from you in a moment. Your reputations defines who you are. It dictates where you are going and where you will end up! It is the very essence of 'you"!

Some have had their reputations smirched by the lies of others. Just like the tree, through no fault of it's own, but by my will it was destroyed. ( I do feel bad about it, but in my mind it stood in the way of progress. Hmmm that could be a blog in itself) In this case, you just need to keep doing right and God will pick you up again and make you flourish.

If you have ruined your reputation by some bad decisions, you too can learn a lesson from this tree's demise. Remember that the firewood is still there and that can bring some comfort to someone, but also the mulch can be used to bring new life if used properly. Pick up your broken pieces and bring them to the master gardener who knows how to make them beautiful and useful in his garden. Also keep in mind that the cut and broken tree puts forth a sweet, refreshing odor. Let your life bring forth a sweetness, fight against the bitterness.

Wether you are standing strong, or if you have been cut and broken through your own actions, or through the actions and words of others, take what you have and use it to grow and be beautiful.

If you are standing strong: Gaurd your reputation! Gaurd your doctrine! (the trunk that makes you strong)Gaurd your spirit( the beauty in your branches)

If you have been cut and wounded by others: Keep standing for what's right. Stay focused! It will come out right. You will stand strong again. Gaurd your spirit!! Keep your branches from wilting!

If you have been obliterated by bad choices: Pick up the pieces and start over. It is never to late to make good!

I thought this tree lesson was just going to be about reputation, but there are so many lessons to be learned just from a tree that got cut down! That is amazing, how the natural can so closely be correlated to the spiritual.
The other thing I am thinkng as I write this is that the tree seemed ugly to me. It was dispensable, but now that it is gone, so is the privacy it provided me, the shelter from the wind it provided is gone. I have lost some things in cutting it out of my life.
Be careful what and who you cut out of your life. They may just provide you with the protection you need. They may be the things you needed to stay on course. You may be cutting out a shoulder that would have been strong or an ear that would have listened when you need it. Don't discount anyone and think them dispensable. It could very well be your life line that you are cutting off.
Okay I'd better go, because my mind is going on and on all because of a tree!!!!! Love you all!


merbear said...

All I can say is Wow!! That is too beautiful and talk about inspiring, correcting, rebuking!!
Tina, you should have been a preacher... LOL, LOL,,,,
But, really some heavy thought. Very deep!!! I loved it and appreciate it very much. I know me and a lot of that was directly for me. God has to do some pruning, else he can sometimes just say cut it down!!!
My spirit and attitude need daily adjustments.. For real!! To bad but daily alterations needed.
Thank you my friend.

starlet said...
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starlet said...

That was simply ....AMAZING!!

I'm enriched and inspired PLUS!!
If you dont mind I'm gonna post a link to this on the youth blog...

Let me say again... that was amazing!!!
Love you!

MissionsAngel said...

Tina, I have trying to comment on your blog all day!~I'm speechless! This was written from the heart! The allegory is perfect!

Meghan Van Seters said...

Thanks Katrina, that was amazing and just what I needed!

merbear said...

I just got home from Church and read your post again Tina. That was sent from God, anointed and true.
I must say that is one of the most powerful posts I have ever had the blessing of reading.
Again, thank you my friend! It talked to me.

holmessellshomes said...

These thoughts have been going around in my mind since we had the tree removed a few days ago. I had no idea tht it would be such an inspiration to you all. Thank you all for letting me know what it meant to you. Meagan, it is so good to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you and the family in Lethbridge. Me and Mer are still waiting to come down!!
Thank you Star. I alway appreciate your commnets and Merrily, we've had these discussions before. We always have good discussion when we get together. Angel, I am so glad you read my blog and that it can be a blessing to you.
I love all of you!!

YPMARK said...

So so so so good! Thank you!

Jerm's McGiggles said...

Sis. have you ever thought of writing a book? seriously tho this is good

Meghan Van Seters said...

We are always around. Let us know what works for you and Merrily. We have settled into our fall routine so we'd love to have as soon as you have some free time. Please, let us know what works!!

Thomasd said...

That's an awesome thought Tina!! Thanks for posting it; I always enjoy reading your blog!!

Vren said...

What a great thought! Inspiring!

jessiegurl79 said...

Sis. Tina... your thoughts and words spoke to me. It brought back memories of what my life used to be like and how thankful I am to God that I never let what I went through define my character, but I used it to later make me stronger. Only by God's mercy and love. I hope to God that I'm never the one to cut down someone else' tree/reputation.

j.elle said...

Sis. Tina,
You have a beautiful spirit. I admire and look up to you.

Thank you for that awesome post. Loved it!

Love you lots,

RRGoff said...

I think any comment from me would prove utterly useless! Thanks for a lot to think about! Definetly inspired of God!! RG

CourtneyLeigh said...

I absolutely love it!

holmessellshomes said...

I really appreciate all of your comments. I feel so happy that it was something that you could all relate to. Especially all of you young peaple, your reputation is so important and could so easily be lost. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!! Hold on to your integrity in all areas of your life.
Mark, Thomas, Jessie , Jeremy, and Vren, I feel so special having you comment on my blog.
J.elle, thanks for the comment. You are the sweet one, but I hope I never let you down.
Courtney and Rachelle, Thanks for the comment. It was a very special surprise to see you on my blog.
I hope all of you have a wonderful day!!

holmessellshomes said...

Oops, I think I spelled Rachel? wrong! Sorry.

Tanya-Angels mother said...

Awesome thought, very insightful...

holmessellshomes said...

Hi Tanya,
Are you Angelica Lombardo's mom?
She is a darling girl. You can be proud of her.