Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the Father's day weekend, a bunch of us decided to go the Aspen Crossing garden Centre in Mossliegh. It was a blast!! The day was hot and it was very relaxing just being outside in the sun with friends. Later in the evening we had dinner in the dinig car. They had a special Father's day buffet. Aspen Crossong is a garden Centre that is all set up like an old train station. It is located on the owners property in the country. They were super people. They have a wonderful gift shop as well! I got a really nice metal easel. I'll add a picture of it. The garden centre is having an old house broght in at the end of July that was donated to them. They are going to set it up a as a museum. Most of these pictures are not the ones I intended, but my photo viewer is messed up. Sorry guys. I really had some nicer ones that I wanted to put up. Anyway, this day was a really great day!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pre move in pics. This is about how the house looked when we had to move into it. There is still tons of work to do, but we will pick away at it. I do really like it, but will be glad when it is finished. I will post more pics when I get more settled and we get more work done.