Friday, June 29, 2007

Above are some pics of her getting her car! Exciting days!!

My baby girl graduated from High School a few days ago! She was so beautiful and we were so proud of her! The link below shows her signing the song "You were there" I will post some more pics later when I get the photograghers photos.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Calgary Real Estate today!

This article is so amazing!
As the saying goes:

Lifelong Learning
Still Cracking the Books at 95
By Tamar Snyder
Nola Ochs is a living textbook. During history courses, the 95-year-old regaled her much younger classmates with memories of dodging the dust storms in the 1930s that threatened to destroy her family farm in Kansas. “It was dark as night, even after we turned the lamps on,” Ochs says. She also shared tales of cattle drives, life as a farmwife, and living without running water. Ochs made history when she graduated in May 2007 with a bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. She’s the oldest college graduate in the world and will be entered in Guinness World Records 2008. Learning keeps her alive, she says. Come September, Ochs plans to head back to school--and start working on her master’s degree. “There’s something within me that wants to keep learning,” she says. “I just can’t quit.”

A former teacher at a one-room schoolhouse in rural Kansas, Ochs married in 1933 and raised four children. It wasn’t until 1972, when her husband Vernon died, that she began taking classes at Dodge City Community College. Last fall, she moved into student housing at Fort Hays, where her granddaughter Alexandra was also a student, and completed the final 30 hours toward a general-studies degree. Still sprightly, Ochs checks her e-mail every morning before breakfast, and drives her own car. “I encourage the elderly to keep up their driving skills,” she says, recommending American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) refresher courses for confidence boosters.
What’s her secret to a healthy and productive longevity? Don’t dwell on your age. “People think I’m supposed to be sitting in a chair, crocheting,” she says, laughing at the thought. “If we don’t think about how old we are, that helps give us the enthusiasm to get up and do something.” Her son, Alan, attributes his mother’s vitality to her good attitude. Ochs is preparing for a summer cruise to the Caribbean aboard the Crown Princess with her granddaughter. She’ll share with passengers stories from her past and participate in a question-and-answer session. “I always told people I wanted to be a storyteller on a cruise ship,” she says. “Now I’ll get my chance.”

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is the place life really started for me!

Well here I am again! Sometimes I just can't seem to think of anything to say.
Joshua 24:15 Choose you this day whom you will serve....As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
I have been thinking lately about the real differences that getting the Holy Ghost and serving God makes in peoples lives. I would like to have all of you respond and tell where you were headed before and how God made the difference.
As for me, I was only 7 years old. I was just a little girl, but there was something in me that was yearning for God. I used to go to a differnet Sunday School, but I missed my ride one Sunday morning and was sitting in the window crying because of it. I had a friend who went to a Pentecostal Church and saw me that Sunday on her way to Sunday School and asked me to go with her. My parents did not go to church at all and the funny thing is, neither did hers. I went and the Sunday School teacher taught about Jesus and that he would not like to hear us saying bad words. I went home and my mother swore at me. I started to cry and told her that Jesus did not like this talk. My mother was obviously hungry for God because she started to go to that church and soon got the Holy Ghost. She served God faithfully and with all of her passionate heart until her death just a few years ago. I come from a family that was very deep in sin, full of divorce and alchoholism and lots of other sin. Sin is a dead end street. Most of them are still living this dead and empty life. I can only imagine where I would be if it had not been for that change in my Mom that God wrought. I have nothing to boast about and I still have a long way to go, but I thank God for the differnce he made in my course. I pray that I can be as faithful to Him and His word as my mother was and that I can go even futher in Him . I also thank Him for the path I see my children taking. Their life is so profoundly different than even mine was, because of the Holy Ghost legacy He has given to me. It seems that each generation of serving God, just gets better and better. Everything good in my life is a direct result of serving God!
Now I would love to hear from you.


Above are the churches I was raised in. The little old one was where I received the Holy Ghost. This building holds many precious memories for me. We had some rockin services there! I remember one week long revival that the preacher preached about attitude and how very important it is, every night of the week. There are many other memories that I can't even begin to tell it all.

The newer building is the one I spent the the rest of my single years in. It was the church that I was married in and where my mother's funeral was held. I actually helped pound nails in this building. It was an exciting time building that church for us young people. I also have many wonderful memories in this church. It is the church that is still being used today. My life revolved around these places. I loved the church. It was my pride and joy!