Friday, July 04, 2008

Day 2
I spent this day just getting settled and shopping for a few neccesary items. Iish everyone could smell the smells and see the sights tht I am experiencing. It is very woodsy and the temperature is hot.The days start out very foggy but clear up very quickly. I will post pictures as soon as I can but I wish I could posts the sounds and the smells to go along with them.
Today I went into Maine to see my dad and sister and brother. I took my good friend Ronda with me. It was alot of fun!!
Day 3
What a fabulous day spent in my home town today. The Canada Day celebrations are a traditions for peaple to come home to. The road home was very nostalgic. I cried while driving it, because of all the memories it brought of travelling that raod. In the early days of choldhood just getting away to visit relatives or shopping, then on to the momories of this road taking me to Ken or bringing him to me, Then home on vacations to visit Mom and then finally to see mom as she was dying and to bury her. My first stop this time was to visit her grave. I left a note telling here how much I love her and miss her. Many memories, some good, sopme bad, but all a part of my existence!
The rest of the day was very beautiful. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to visit with family and old friends. Pictures to follow.
So many people thought I was looking just like mom and a few people actually cried ehn they saw me becaause it so much like seeing mom! My sister jokingly ask me if I was feeling like a ghost!!
Day 4
I spent the day in Maine at the cabin on the lake where my sister and brother are staying. It was a fabulous day. The grounds are filled with flower beds, ponds, the big farmhouse and the weather was again lovely. I just aobut ended up in the lake. I was siting on a lawn chair out on the dock looking out over the lake when i felt the chair give out. My sister said she didn't think it was broken, but a few seconds later the chair collapsed amd I came close to going backwards into the lake however i just fell onto the dock. It was a humbling experience but very very funny and i am chuckling inside right now just thinking about it again.
I thought I might share with you some of the street names I have observed while driving around down here, plant names like cherry, rose, oak , etc. some others were a little more nautical like seaboard and lighthouse, some others wre very "original" like "Gravel RD." and last but not least Family lane and Holmes rd. which were the roads leading to Ken's parentt's house. There were some other really neat ones, but I can't recall them right now. I ended the day be going to church.
Day 5
This day will have to speak thru the pictures. We went to this quaint town call Bar Harbour. It was right on the ocean and it was kind of like Banff only much bigger and the water was it's facal point rather than the mountians. It did have a really neat mountian though. We ended the day playing mini golf in the rain around 10 oclock at night. It was the nicest golf course I have ever played at. As I said, the pictues will have to tell the tale on this one. I am getting tired o ftyping and I am trying to visit with a friend while updating this blog and I am felling kind of rude!
Day 6
Fourth of July. My family and I picniced at an ocean inlet today. We were just about the only ones there, the weather was perfect and I got to see lots of family I haven't seen since my wedding! I am now at my friends house and the rest of the evening will probally be spent visitng. Tommorrow it's off the Fredericton to visit my sister , Fonda

2 comments: said...

Well we love you too Tina...
But, I am so happy for you to be back where you grew up. The terrain is beautiful. What a laid back lifestyle!! I could dig that!

I am happy you are allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that go along with this trip. Being real to yourself; giving yourself permission to laugh a lot, or cry alot will make your memories go deep.
Love you Tina, you are so special of a girl!!!

holmessellshomes said...

Very laid back here Mer! Yes, At times the emotions have gone very dep. More things than I have written here have been faced, but it is all okay.
It is for sure beautiful country here!!