Friday, July 04, 2008

Well here I am on the east coast on holidays. I wanted to blog each day, but I have had a hard time getting online! I don't have the USB cable for the camera, so I can't put any pictures on yet but I will try to tell about the trip so far!!

Day 1

The first interesting thing that made me crack up was a guy on the plane sitting behind me began snoring!! Really loud!! It was all I could do to not laugh rioght out loud. You would have to know the situation to know why I found this so funny! I arrived in St. John NB, but unfortunately my luggage didn't make it! It didn't show up until 2 days later. Air Canada gave me a voucher for $50! How very nice of them and that came only after I told them I couldn't wait any longer!! The other noteworthy facts were that it was raining when I got here and I got stopped for speeding on the highway! 50k over the limit. It was a reminder that I am on the east coast amd life slows down here. It was time to put on the brakes. By this time I was ready to come home and called Ken half crying. I must mention that I could not sleetp for 3 nights before leaving. I could not turn the brain off, so I was exhausted and frustrated!! I was telling Ken what a terrible day it was and he so kindly told me that it sounded like a really good day seeing that the cop was very nice and only gave me a warning. It really was a good day and it's amazing how a good nights sleep can change ones perspective! It only gets better from here! Much better!!!

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