Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day at my house!
I started out the day by giving all the kids and Ken a Valentines Card, then I started to make a nice supper. While I was in the middle of that, my sweet hubby showed up with what you see below. He surprised me with the gift. He is not a shopper and I was expecting flowers. He didn't show me the candy right away, but said to me " Aren't you glad I didn't buy you something fattening?" to which I replied a resounding "yes!" Then he brings it out and tells me that he couldn't resist!! Thanks Ken, for making me feel special today!

2 comments: said...

That speaks volumes that he would take time out of his BUSY work day and buy his girl something so nice.
You have 4 grown children. To see a love story that still goes on after so many years, is maybe as or even more sweet.
You and Ken are special people Tina!

MissionsAngel said...

Oh, how absolutely precious! He truly loves you! Wish I could have been there for that dinner, it sounded so good! =) So glad your day went so lovely!