Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I read this as someones profile description and I thought it was so good. It could be my profile description. I did tweak it a bit to fit me. Thanks to blogger "you just gotta laugh"
I'm just one. Just one little girl who needs her Heavenly Father to carry her from day to day. Just one wife who thinks of herself too often, fails miserably regularly, but is still the apple of her man's eye (after 28 years). One mom who loves her kids, thinks their laughter is contagious and really has no idea, outside of desperate prayer, how to raise them up to be godly world changers.I'm just one blogger who hopes to encourage maybe just one person to remember that when life throws you a curve ball- sometimes you just gotta laugh... or you'll cry!

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MissionsAngel said...

You're life story eh? =) Sounds like it sums you up pretty will momma holmes! ;) love you! You're awesome!