Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is just not right!
I received this today and feel it is one of the few worth getting involved in and passing on. One click of the mouse once you are on the website is all it takes to vote against Dr. Henry Morgantaler being given the "Order of Canada". Evil does flourish when good men and women say nothing. If this isn't a blatant perversion, I don't know what is. Thanks.

Hi All
When I saw this I almost got physically sick! The thought of the abortion king of Canada receiving our countries highest honour is just Sick and wrong. Pro-choicers are advocating that Dr. Henry Morgantaler be given the "Order of Canada" Globe and Mail is running a poll ... please get in and vote ... I don't know if the powers that be listen to polls, but it is at least making a statment and not being part of the silent majority! Your chance to do something for "Pro-Life" - let's include a few prayers. Please circulate this as widely as possible. Thanks. Please vote in Globe and Mail's online poll at: Al Brideau (Tel : (506) 459-4693 ,email:

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