Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The last lecture of Randy Pausch


In life we all know that our attitude is everything. A positive view of life comes easier to some people than for others. Sometimes it's lifes experiences that make it easier or harder or it could be just the personality of a person that makes life easier to take or not. Whatever the case, whether it comes natural to you to be positive or you have to make a concious decision to fight off the negative emotions, the task must be done to have the quality of life that is desired. You will automatically attract more friends and life will be more positive just by making that decision, either conciously or not. When you let your negative emotions dictate your actions, then you will push away the very thing that you are longing for! Think with the head and not the emotion! Am I there? No, but I am working on it and with God's help, I will be what He wants me to be. And if that can be accomplished, then you can be sure life will be filled with positvbe experiences. I read somewhere that if you can change your mind, you can change your feelings! Powerful!!

The video clip above was an incredible inspiration to me and I think it will be to you as well.

I really liked the part about if some one quits giving you critism, then they have ceased to hope for you. When someone is trying to make you better, take it as that and be thankful! I also liked the part about people versus things, and the one about the apologies. My apologies are going to be diferent from now on!! This speech was just plain good stuff!!

If you search Randy Pausch on the internet, you will find the full speech and it is well worth listening to.

Do you have an elephant in the room? Face it and make something positive out of it!!


MissionsAngel said...

Amen! =)

Mellie said...

that was good. he's a strong man