Monday, February 18, 2008

The Grads put on a valentines Dinner for the couples at the church as a fund raiser. It was awesome! The food, The entertainment, The service, The decor, it was all wonderful and we had a great evening! Thanks to everyone involved for giving us such a nice night out! You did a great job!!
PS This is my very first slide show!! Yay for me!!


MissionsAngel said...

Awesome job! Everyone looks like they had a good time!

holmessellshomes said...

Tina , this was very nice you did a good job. Iam so proud of you Love Grand mother D

holmessellshomes said...

Thank you Grandmother!
I am proud of you too! Still out working and helping the "elderly" Plus you have such a beautiful attitude and spirit!! If I can be half the woman you are when I am 83I will be happy!!