Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yay! I thought that I had only achieved Masters Ruby last year, but I actually made it to the next step up to Masters Emerald!! Thanks again to everyone who helped me reach this level!


MissionsAngel said...

Oh my word! Congratulations to my Canadian Mom!! =) You will have to explain this to me since I am absolutely ignorant of the real estate world, but it sounds fabulous and I am sooo thrilled! I am sure you spent many hours, and put forth much work to reach this goal and for that I am proud!

holmessellshomes said...

Thanks, Angel.
Thanks for putting up with my bragging.
I love being called your Canadian Mom and I love to read your comments.

jessiegurl79 said...

That's awesome!! Definately something to be proud of!! God bless!

holmessellshomes said...

Thanks Jessie.
I appreciate your comments