Friday, January 26, 2007

At ladies prayer this morning, Sis. King spoke about life and living, not just existing. About making a difference and making time for the really important things in life such as God, family, friends, and other people we come in contact with. At mid life we start to take stock and think, what have I done? Where am I going? We start to feel the need to do something with our life, to find the meaning and significance of our existence. We start asking ourselves questions that we never really thought about before. When we get to that point, that is where God can start to talk to us and lead us into ministries based on our lifes experiences that can make a profound difference in other peoples lives. Bro. Andrew just recently preached a message about making this a year of significance rather than a year of success.
This year (and for always), I want my life to be a positive influence on all I come in contact with. I want my life to speak of significance. Some times we look at the youth and think "they have their whole life in front of them, they can really go places " I love the young people, they are so vital, so full of life and fun to be with. I try to be around them as much as they will allow me to be, but if we are not careful, we get to thinking our season is over and that we've already established our path (our rut)for life. This is far from the truth. We are just beginning . Sis. Nona Freeman said she did her best work after the age of 60! We still have a lot of living to do and a lot of lifes experiences to share. We have a lot to give!! Come on, all of you over 40'er's, lets make a diffence this year. Let's not let our struggles, victories and things learned along the way be hidden in obscurity! Let use them to bless others!! Let's step out and live, learn and make a difference!!


J.Elle said...

I love the last sentence..."live, learn and make a difference". I've definitely lived a full life at 24 and I've learned a lot through experience, now I want to make a difference!

Love you lots!

holmessellshomes said...

I know you will j.Elle! Thanks for commenting. I makes me feel that posting is worthwhile, and it's one of the ways I'm trying to make a difference!
Love you