Saturday, January 20, 2007

I found this big eraser at the dollar store and bought it for Ken as a joke, but I got to thinking about big mistakes. Mistakes in life, mistakes in relationships, hearts blackened with sin and messed up with bad choices ( there is that word "choice" again! I have heard it many times over the last few weeks from several sources, but that is for another time) God provided us with a remedy, an "eraser" called the blood of Jesus Christ. It did not come cheap, but cost him his life! Satan would like to destroy us, using the shame caused by our mistakes, but Jesus made the sacrifice so that we could be free. Oh what amazing love! Oh what amazing grace!

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bqdavid said...

Well said. "It's never too late to ccorrect a mistake."

Everyone fails at times, but thank God we have access to His blood, which covers a multitude of sin.