Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Experiments with my new pans.
This is pure white sugar that I put in the pan on high heat then walked away and left it until I started to smell it . Look closly through the steam and you can see the sugar is black and burnt, but it is still not sticking. I just took a paper towel and mopped it up. There was a little stickiness to this one but it washed right off with no problem. PS I burned my finger when I was soaking the sugar into the paper towel. Ouch!! Below the sugar pictures is a video of melting cheese in the pan. No sticking to the pan, even after being on high for awhile.


Janell said...

Wow, pretty amazing! Maybe I should go get some of these pans! =D That cheese looks YUMMY!

Mary Frances said...

Thats cool!!! What kind of pans are they and where do you get them from?