Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lexy and Alyssa at The Cozy cottage.

What a fun day we had today. First Deidre walked over with the kids and we went to the dollar store and the cozy cottage. After running a few more errands we came home and got in the "pool" as Lexy calls it. She was very adamant that we go and get her "babing soup" Lexy loved the spa, and by the time we got out she was swimming and walking around without fear. We were watching her closely of course. The hottub is very foamy right now due to the hardness of the water. We are working on it, but Lexy loved the bubbles. It was like a huge bubble bath. I love these kids!!
The snow is almost gone. Finally!! It was such a beautiful day today (14C, I think) which I was so thankful for.


Janell said...

Haha! That spa looks like a blast! It really looks like someone poured bubble bath in it.

Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

It was fun. Lexy loved it!! We did get the bubbles somewhat under control. (hopefully)