Sunday, April 26, 2009

Below is a letter Ken wanted to share with you. Let me add my thanks to all of you as well. I also am humbled by your love and concern. Please keep praying!! The surgery is scheduled for May 6th.

THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who pray for me. I am thankful in all things but this week I'm especially thankful to you.
The pain in my back has gotten progressiviely worse over the last year and 4 months. Two weeks ago the pain felt unbearable even with my recently acquired "registered" drugs. However, beginning Monday, my pain lightened up immensely. I have felt better and slept better than I have for months and this with less drugs than I've taken in months and none of the "registered" kind!
I give God the praise for this and a big THANKS to all of you who love me and pray for me.
I'm humbled,


Char said...

This is Wonderful News!
It is so exciting & reassuring to serve such a GREAT God who sees our needs and pains!
Thanking Jesus for touching you Kenny. We have been praying for you!

Janell said...

Aydin and I have been praying for you too, and that's so exciting!!! God is so good, isn't He? We'll continue to pray for you as you approach your surgery date and recovery.

Lisa said...

God is so faithful. Even in our pain and suffering, He gives us a testimony!

Thank you Jesus!

We will continue to keep you in prayer... in Jesus' name, you won't even need the surgery! Thank you Jesus for a complete healing.

God Bless!

karen said...

God is so good!!

karen said...

God is so good!!

MERBEAR said...

I give God the praise for lightening your pain Bro. Ken!!
You have been an example to us; watching you go through this and not complaining!

I have been and will continue to pray for a divine healing in your life.
You are needed for this end time revival........ get ready!!!!!

MERBEAR said...


Nat said...

We are so glad to hear that your pain has lightened up. Thank You Jesus!! We will continue praying for you. Don't forget that when one part of the Body hurts,we all feel it. You're not in this alone:)

God Bless, Willie & Natalie

jessiegurl79 said...

Wow!! That is sooo awesome! Thank God that He touched you Bro. Ken. You will remain in our prayers.