Thursday, December 04, 2008

I am not tempted to cut my hair, but I read this on another blog and thought I would share it as it may help someone struggling with this issue. There is alot of good info and ideas in here. The story at the end is awesome.


HELP!! I am in a dilemma!! I want to go cut my hair or should I say have it cut!! Oh what is a girl to do! Temptation is in the air with 420 Beauty Salons in the Shreveport-Bossier City Area. I look in the mirror and think my hair would be so much easier to work with if it was short. I think I would look good as a blonde, or maybe a brunette, or how about a red head. Ooohh Yeah… Oh No….

What about some bangs, or just a trim off the edges. Could I cut my hair myself, no one would ever know if I trimmed a little off the ends. Oh but what if I messed it up?

{{SLAP}} {{SLAP}} Okay, wake up!! You are a Pentecostal lady who loves God. You should not be tempted to cut your hair. Oh but I am Lord. I am so sorry; will you forgive me?

{{Whine}} {{Whine}} Oh Lord, but I would be pretttttiiieerr if I had my hair cut, more people would be attracted to you, because I would be nicer looking. {{More Whine}} Lord, I would have more time to spend with you because I wouldn’t have to spend as much time on my hair. HELLO KNOCK KNOW HELLO God, are you there? – God, are you listening. You don’t seem to be saying much. Hmmm.. Lord, it doesn’t actually say in the Bible “THOU SHALT NOT CUT THY HAIR”. Does it?

{{{ HARD SLAP}}}} {SNAPS back into REALITY} What am I thinking, okay; let’s look at it in perspective. Why did I stop cutting my hair?

How many times have I gone through this conversation or one similar to it when it comes to temptations of cutting my hair? More than there are toes and fingers in this world to count.

First of all, this lesson is not a lesson to teach you not to cut your hair. I personally believe that it really has to be a covenant between you and God. I see so many women who don’t cut their hair because their Pastor told them not to, they have fell into the rhythm of the church, they don’t because they are not cutting their hair because of their husbands.

Normally, women who are not cutting their hair because of rules and regulations or trying to please men, will most likely fall and cut their hair or sneak around and trim it thinking they are hiding it.

But I want to tell you about why I stopped cutting my hair. It was not because a Man of God, told me not to cut my hair, though I have heard some great teaching on it. It was not because I wanted to be in submission to my husband, though by not cutting my hair I am telling the world I am in submission to authority.

I don’t cut my hair because I made a covenant with God. Making a covenant with God to not cut your hair brings some great benefits and I would love to share them with you. There are many resources that you can study Hair in the bible, I don’t want to get into a long bible study of why women don’t cut their hair, there are too many great studies out there for me to try to explain that. If you are really interested, one of the best is by Pastor Raymond Woodward. Nan Pamer has some wonderful books out for ladies. Many more I just hate to begin to name resources, because there are a lot of studies out there.

I want to give you a personal reason and maybe it will help you to desire to draw closer to God. Let me start with the facts that Pastor Raymond Woodward uses of why Christian Women do not need to cut their hair.

1. It demonstrates her acceptance of her God-given role.
2. It demonstrates her submission to her husband (or father).
3. It brings “permission, influence and jurisdiction” in the spirit realm
(“power on her head”) because of her submission.
4. The holy angels observe a woman’s submission to God’s authority.
5. It is a disgrace (“shame”) before God for a woman to cut her hair.
6. Nature (“instinct”) teaches us these principles.
7. It maintains a definite line of distinction between the sexes.
8. It is her glory (“God has a good opinion of her!”) and reflects God’s
9. Her submission is a type of the church’s submission to Christ.

You can find all of the reasons in the bible according to I Corinthians 11. “BUT I’M NOT CONVICTED ABOUT HOLINESS STANDARDS.” Your lack of conviction does not give you permission to ignore or rebel against the Bible. You must ask yourself, “What is the final authority for how I live? My feelings and convictions? Or the Bible?” Feelings are deceptive, but the Holy Ghost will never lead you contrary to the Bible. (Excerpted from study by Pastor Raymond Woodward).

The Word of God is definitely where you should build your convictions. Without it, we would have no direction in our lives. But I am a firm believer just knowing the Word of God is not enough. I believe you must apply the word and have a PERSONAL relationship with God to be able to apply the Word. God’s word is ALIVE and Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with you.

So why do I not cut my hair? It is about a covenant I made with God. When I first started living for God, I always wanted to cut my hair but was afraid I would disappoint my pastor. I realized shortly after I was married, I better figure out why I was not going to cut my hair instead of depending on whether I was pleasing to a man.

I did the study and came to the conclusion that I wanted to make a covenant with God. This would be one thing that I would commit to Him, my hair. I would not cut it. I would suggest everyone should do a study on “cutting covenant”.

It was simple I went to God, and said, Okay, I know you don’t want me to cut my hair scripturally and spiritually I see all the benefits, BUT I want to personally commit this part of my body to you for your glory and no one else. This is not about my husband, my neighbor, my pastor or anyone else; this is about a covenant between me and Jesus!

Well I would love to tell you the Holy Ghost rushed in, I felt dripping hot oil treatments going through my hair and God gave me the most beautiful hair in the world. NOT!!!

Nothing happened but life. I have watched my life through the years and learned that when I was tempted and was looking for the closest beauty salon, I was running on empty of the Holy Ghost.

My covenant container was leaking and it was getting dry, so I was looking for a way to please my flesh by making ME feel better about myself. Every lady loves to be pampered. Don’t get me wrong you can go and get you a new “do” but it is a seasonal “do”. It too shall pass away and you are still empty. There is nothing wrong with being pampered. You should from time to time, but don’t break a covenant with God, just to for a pampering to your flesh. Find a way to get relaxed without breaking covenant.

So I learned that when I am standing at the mirror with scissors in hand, I stop and slap myself to reality and ask “Why did I stop cutting my hair?”

Because I love Jesus more than anything.
Because I want the Angels to know I am in covenant with God.
Because I do want to please Jesus and be submitted to authority
Because I do want to keep the commandments of the Lord, so that the world will know that I am his.
Because I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
Because I am a lady and want to look like one.
Because I am in covenant, I have authority!
Because when I am in covenant with God, He will pour out his Glory in my life.
Because I have chosen to look like Jesus wants me to look.
Because I think Jesus loves me just the way I am.

Oh believe me it isn’t easy, after I have reminded my self why I stopped cutting my hair; I have to ask myself “Why I am I wanting to cut my hair?”

So I ask myself a few hard questions, and many times call an accountability partner and give my answers to the following questions.

How am I doing spiritually? How is my prayer life, my bible study, my fasting? Normally I can answer this question with a definite “ TERRIBLE”.. “ME? Spiritual” Ha ha Ha.

Okay I stop laughing and go on to the next question.

Am I stressed? HA HA HA – “Yes Always”
Am I handling the stress? “NO” Obvious answer.
Am I being rebellious against someone in authority? (ouch.. pain someone give me a Band-Aid)
Am I mad at God? (oh did I ask that question?)
Am I feeling disconnected with other believers?
Am I lacking Discipline in my life? (oh my the questions are getting harder)
Do I still love Jesus? (OH YES Of Course)
Do I still want to live for God? (Honestly?)
Do I want and need restoration in my life physically, mentally, spiritually, or socially?

Did I say I asked myself EASY questions? NOO!!!! Matter of fact I asked myself real soul searching questions, that sometimes, I find myself in prayer just to get my flesh in control enough so that I can answer them honestly.

After I have answered these questions HONESTLY, I have realized that I am desperate need of restoration. Personally don’t think I am dealing with a hair issue and you may not either if you step back and look at your situation before you cut your hair. But, it is a issue of whether or not I am feeling spiritually strengthened! When I am spiritually weak this is the first area that I am attacked (AS is every other Pentecostal woman I know). It is always a way for the women to be attacked in order to break covenant with God. From the very beginning with Adam and Eve, Satan has come to women to get them to break covenant. Eve was tempted by breaking covenant by not eating of the tree in the Garden. The devil is very deceptive and will use many ways to get a woman or a man for that matter to break a covenant. The devil will come with all kinds of words that sound right, that FEEL right, but just are not RIGHT. If you remember nothing else you have read today, REMEMEBER THIS, NEVER MAKE A DECISION IN A HASTE (especially out of emotions). When you are tempted, call you an accountability partner!! Get help! Slow down. {{Slap}} {{Slap}} Wake yourself up and back into reality.

Just like Adam and Eve when you break covenant you bring shame into your life. When a woman cuts her hair it brings shame. Shame is always a way of cutting covenant with God, from the very beginning with Adam and Eve. God can heal shame so if you are a woman who has broken covenant, thank God for a merciful God who loves us and forgives us. Repent, and recommit! Don’t live in shame any longer.

Shame is a very hard emotion to live with because it can do so many things to women. It can make you have low self-esteem. Shame can make you do things you would never do. Shame will numb your feelings for yourself. Shame will separate you from your relationship with God.

Sorry but addressing the issue of cutting your hair is like you are trying to cure the flu with some Tylenol Cold medicine. When I say the flu, I am speaking of an attack of the adversary. The only way to cure an attack of the adversary is to find a way back into the arms of God.

There are ladies that are really hurting, they are tired and they really need a refreshing. Are you tired of the same ole same ole everyday? You may be one of those ladies reading this or your wife may be one of those ladies or you recognize a lady that is tired. Please pray for the ladies in your life. If you are in need of a refreshing, please find the well of Living Water and DRINK from that well deeply.

Pentecostal Lady! You are worth something! You are valuable. You deserve your Passion restored. You deserve your hope restored. You are anointed! You do have value in God. You are a precious treasure that has “covenant” written all over it. It is not about the scripture; even though I can show you all this in scripture; it is about the value you are to God. When you make a covenant with God, you are of great value, because you are now a WOMAN OF HONOR!

I am closing with this analogy: There was a lady, for sake of the story we will call her Ms. Holy, who’s Great Great Grandmother gave her an old antique desk. She treasured this desk for years. But after some time decided her house was too small for this treasure and put the desk in the garage for year. It was spring time and Ms. Holy, was going to get ready for the first garage sale of the season and she came across this desk. She thought no one would buy this piece of junk. It is so run down and beat up. Ms. Holy wondered if she should just cut up the old desk into firewood.

She let her mind wander to the days of watching her grandmother sit at the desk pouring over her bible studies. Her mind went to how beautiful it was back in the day sitting in her house. How many times she set down at the desk to right a quick note to a friend? She remembered how smooth the desk felt under her hands. Ms. Holy remembered how lovely it smelt after she had just waxed it down with furniture polish.

Ms. Holy began to dust off the old antique desk and decided to bring it back in the house and begin to restore the desk. She polished it, cleaned up the hardware and completely restored the antique desk. Oh, so beautiful!! Now many others see what a valuable precious antique desk is in Ms. Holy’s house. The value is placed at a much higher value than it was when it was in the garage. Now Ms. Holy desires to show it off instead of cut it off.

Maybe you like Ms. Holy have put a covenant in the garage? Go and see what treasure you have buried. Bring it out with complete restoration in the Hands of the Master.


joyzil said...

Thank you for this Sis. Holmes. I am going to print it out and share it with some people in our church who are teetering because of a backslider and his arguments against biblical truths. God bless you!

holmessellshomes said...

Thanks for the comment Sis. Z. I wasn't going to post it, thinking that no one reading my blog would need it, but I felt compelled to do it. Hope it helps your ladies.

Mary Frances said...

That was really good!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!
Just posted something cool on my fun blog. What I am saying may come as a surprise, but read it all the way through. If you agree with me feel free to steal it(copy/paste) and PASS IT ON!!!

Janell said...

This was long! But good =) I made the same sort of covenant myself when I was a teenager, and it certainly helps to make it more of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Just a thought said...

A voice er a a note from the past. When you see Pastor King Sunday tell Bro. Mervi said Hello.

Mervin Clark (Bakersfield, Ca a long time ago)

holmessellshomes said...

It was long, but it was worth the read.
I enjoy your comments on others blogs. I will tell Pastor King hello from you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Short hair looks good on some women, but long hair is elegant and divine. No comparison. I think that sometimes women convince other women to chop, with varying motives. GUYS love long! Ron