Tuesday, October 07, 2008

We just had an incredible wind storm. The wind was fierce. It made such a mess and blew my fence gate right off. It was so sunny a short time before. How the weather rapidly changes in Calgary!


Anonymous said...

True enough, I think all 4 times that I have been to Calgary there has been some sort of funky weather condition. Remember the hail on our way to the dinner theatre, we were late because we couldn't even get out of the car. And the time mom and I were there and it snowed in late June. And oh yeah when Dave and I and Destiny went it went from -20 to 18 degrees in a day. CaRAAAA Zy as Des would say. All the leaves look very pretty though. My kiddies are anxiously waiting for enough leaves to fall to make a jumping pile !
...your faithful blog commenting sister...fonda.

holmessellshomes said...

Hey Fonz,
How did you like my pumpin and wagon wheels.

Keith and Carla said...

I'm hoping it will snow while we are there (so are the girls)!!!

holmessellshomes said...

You guys are coming in November, right? I hope for your sake it snows, but for our sake I hope it doesn't last. We don't really want the snow until Christmas!

Janell said...

Cute pumpkins and stuff!!!!
Yeah that wind was incredible...I was standing in the kitchen and WOOSH!! All the leaves around our house flew up in a tunnel thing, and our house was literally roaring for a few seconds. I texted Aydin and told him I couldn't believe he never mentioned that Calgary gets tornadoes. He thought that was pretty funny and reassured me we were ok.
I took a drive across town to enjoy the downpours, and realized that most of the LRT crossings were broken because the wind had snapped them right off! The police and firetrucks were everywhere and it was such a mess that it took me a while to get back home.
Pretty exciting! I'm not ready for bad weather just yet though! =)

holmessellshomes said...

It was crazy. We don't usually get tornados. There have been a few on occasion around here though. LOL
You are so cute! I just read about your adventure at the Melwoods. That would have been scary! I wish I could have seen Courtneys face!
Sounds like fun making the decor for the dinner. Il ove doing stuff like that.

Janell said...

Sis Tina, wish I had known you like decor stuff, we would have invited you! You probably had to work though...
Luckily it's been nice and sunny this week, "eh?" =)