Monday, December 17, 2007

Our annual end of the year church celebration, where we get together and watch a slide presentation of the events of the past year . The pastor's yearly awards are also presented at this time. It is a very enjoyable time and one that we look forward to each year.

Our wonderful pastor's wife( I guess I missed Pastor King) and my own wonderful son (who is hiding behind the sticks)and daughter in law. (Sorry Jolene, but you look beautiful and I have to show you off a little!)

Some of the decor.

Some of the wonderful people of our church.

another one of my sons in the green

Merrily, who calls herself the old leather boot, but is actually one of the winners of the pastor's award. She was awarded the best "pastor's family helper" or something like that.

Sorry Lila, I did get you!


MissionsAngel said... looks like everyone had such a good time!

Jerm....Yogi said...

thats one spiffy leather jacket i got on