Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here is an awesome message about protecting our children. Let's stand for the things we have had handed down to us by those before us!! We need the pure spirit of God amongst us. We have to keep our homes, our churches and our minds clean if we want that to happen. We need to protect our children from the things that corrupt. Hollywood and it's offerings are directly opposite from the way we are trying to live.. Let's keep it out of our lives and homes and have something pure to hand down to future generations! Listen to the message entitled "protecting the bean patch" by Larry Booker


MissionsAngel said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!

merbear said...

What a oldie!! The monster!! Yes, I remember years watching that beast before I knew God.
I actually never did own one once I moved away from home though. The last thing I wanted to do with my little Lukey was spend my evenings watching depressing news, violent movies, vulgar scenes, foul language, scrary music in scary movies,etc. Instead we read, got exercise, listened to music, talked and communicated. I loved my time with my boy. Thank God I had some form of sense in me to not have a boob tub in our lives.