Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A few more fall pictures that I took while out doing errands today. I'm sure people wondered what was wrong with this lady taking snapshots of "nothing" while driving! Anyway, we are seriously lacking in the reds and oranges!!

These photos were taken outside my home. I took them for Sis Elms to enjoy. Sis Elms, we do have autumn happening here in Calgary. I will try and get some nice pics from around the city and add them later on. I very much enjoy the changing seasons.

FALL! A beautiful time of year!


Linda Elms said...

Sis. Holmes! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! The trees are beautiful! You must really enjoy this time of year in Canada. You're so sweet to take pictures and post them so I can enjoy the beauty, also. I will be looking for more pictures from "around the city". Can't wait!!

MissionsAngel said...

It truly is beautiful!

merbear said...

Very lovely pictures Tina. I love the seasons so much. Even though I have to gird my loins for winter, it is still so beautiful when a blanket of snow falls, fireplace pumped up and being either alone or with family and friends.
I am wondering what you did with the wood you cut down? Likely it has already found a good home. I thought if it is going to just rot, I would love it.
Would it make good firewood?