Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thanksgiving Day at our house. We had around 40 people over and I think everyone had a great time. It was a little crowded, but fun. I need a bigger house so I can invite even more people. It is hard to know where to draw the line! Below are some pics of our day.

Cecelia with Jazz and Jade

Kids having fun at pool


Becky and Jamie

David and Mindy

The boys playing foosball

Darlene and Angie


Mark and Carter just couldn't take it!

Smudgie and Debbie and Ken

Carla and Caleb

some of the boys enjoying the trampoline

Some more of the group. Sandy, David, Jessica(Kenny's girlfriend) Kenny, Lailynn,(Justin's girlfriend), and John

Jazz begging for Sandy's food

some of the girls gathereing in Angie's room

more of the group and some of the food

Some of the group


Mrs. Wizzle said...

It looks like you had a great time! My word (very down east) Kenny's girlfriend looks like a female version of him. Amazing! I enjoy your blog

holmessellshomes said...

I thought so too! She actually looks like his cousin Amanda!

MissionsAngel said...

Oh! So kind of you all to throw a party all the way in Canada for my Birthday! =0) lol jk

It looks as if you all had a great Thanksgiving! I'm envious, I wish I was there... =)

holmessellshomes said...

We celebrated your birthday in style. Too bad you weren't here LOL. It would have been nice though.

merbear said...

Awwww looks like you put on a wonderful day for your friends Tina.
Gods people,, I love it!!
Happy belated Thanksgiving my sister.

mindy said...

It was so awesome Tina!!!Thank you so much I know it is a ton of work...all of your little touches are so wonderful and the food UNBELIEVABLE...always so relaxing and feeling at home there!! you are the best
love Mindy

holmessellshomes said...

Thanks Merrily. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too.
What a pleasant suprise to hear from you on my blog!! I am glad you enjoyed it. It is always fuyn having you guys over.