Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A couple of things rolling in around my mind this morning. I have not developed the thought, but am throwing them out anyways.
#1 The road between the promise and the fulfillment is sometimes VERY long.
#2 harvest then home

The first one has ben going over and over in my mind for a few days. The second were those words, acompanied by a semi, half awake sort of dream, of a farmer on a combine nearing the end of the day and anxious to get home, maybe they will mean something different to each individual. I know what they mean to me.
I hope everyone is having a blessed day!


JAEL said...

#1 - SO TRUE!!!

Janell said...

Sis Tina, when should I schedule you for a revival at our church? (JK! You sound like you have some preachin' talent!)
Love you and miss your family sooo much. Please tell Angie especially that I love her and miss her!

Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

Yes, it is so true and can be so frustrating, but we have to hold on to the dream and the promises that have been made to us at the alter.
I'm not so sure about the preachin part although my kids would likely agree!! LOL We miss you guys ,too. I was just asking Michelle about you. Se said you look happy.