Friday, July 31, 2009

I just got home from a week spent with my family in New Brunswick. It rained just about every day, but it was still good. I forgot my camera at home, so I have no pictures at all. My sisters and I with our husbands went to Bar Harbor again this year. It is such a beautiful spot!! I got to see some family that I wasn't expecting to be home at the same time as me when I booked my trip. My sister from Florida, Ken's sister from Ohio, and another of Ken's brothers and his wife and family. It was great to see you all!!
When I got home, Deidre and the girls were there to piok me up. When Lexy saw me, she ran and hugged me so tight. Her little arms and legs were wrapped right around me. I just loved that! When I held Allysa she just snuggled right in. That just melted my heart. It is good to be home.
The quilt my sister Lisa brought me matches perfectly. Thanks Lisa. I love it!


MERBEAR said...

Beautiful home Tina, you have a gift with decorating. I love how clean you live.
So glad you got to go home. God is good aye!!

fonda said...

I can pictuer a lake or a sea outside your bedroom window ! Very nice quilt choice.