Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the Father's day weekend, a bunch of us decided to go the Aspen Crossing garden Centre in Mossliegh. It was a blast!! The day was hot and it was very relaxing just being outside in the sun with friends. Later in the evening we had dinner in the dinig car. They had a special Father's day buffet. Aspen Crossong is a garden Centre that is all set up like an old train station. It is located on the owners property in the country. They were super people. They have a wonderful gift shop as well! I got a really nice metal easel. I'll add a picture of it. The garden centre is having an old house broght in at the end of July that was donated to them. They are going to set it up a as a museum. Most of these pictures are not the ones I intended, but my photo viewer is messed up. Sorry guys. I really had some nicer ones that I wanted to put up. Anyway, this day was a really great day!!


karen said...

That day was certainly a lot of fun.

MERBEAR said...

Looks like a blast, good for you all!!!