Monday, January 05, 2009

My kids hate to see me get out my camera. I think they are afraid the might get "posted"! One of my sons thougt he would be funny and get me back. Enjoy the shots he got of me.
PS I used to be able to see without all these aid!
PS#2 I love the magnifying glass that John bought for me!
ps#3 Thanks, son. These are great. They really make me laugh!
ps@4 Lexy loves my magnifying glass too. She calls it Tina's mirror. She likes us to make things bigger with it.

Happy Birthday , John!!

Yesterday we celebrated John's 26th birthday. All the family came over after church and we had a roast beef dinner. Happy birthday, John. I hope you have a wonderful year. I pray the will of God be done in your life this year. I would love to see you singing more if that would be God's will for you. You have such a wonderful voice. Mark preached a very good message last night about doing something this year of eternal value and Pator King and others have said don't waste time trying to do what you're not good at, but find what you do well and do it with all your heart. I know you are passionate about singing, you are good at it, and would love to use it somehow. Don't let it slip away from you. Pray and ask God to open doors for you to use this wonderful gift for the glory of God.
I am very proud of you. You have been faithful to God, your church and your family. We love you very much!!
Back to what Mark preached last night, I want to be involved in something of eternal value this year. I have a few ideas that I am thinking about and am waiting for God to give some direction to me. If you think of it, I'd appreciate it if you said a prayer for me to find my niche in God's kingdom.


Janell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHNNY!!!!!!! Can't wait to hang out with you guys when we get back...
I'll definitely think of you in my prayers, Sis Tina. Love you tons!

Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

Thanks, Janell. I'll let JOhn know you said happy Birthday.
When are you guys coming back?

fonda said...

Happy Late Birthday Johnny ! I love the magnifying glass Tina. I bet Ken would like it better if you took it to Costco with you and looked at price tags rather than dig it out to look at the receipt when you got home. lol.. Are you teaching Lexie how to shop or balance a cheque book?? I did notice your manger runner as I was scrolling thru your pics. Cute !
Miss you !

Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

No , Lexy calls it my mirror that makes things bigger and she likes to see things magnified. Hopefully that isn't a trait she will develop later in life when it comes to telling stories! LOL
We were trying to figure out how much the laminate cost a box because Preston and Deidre were thinking of buying th left overs to put in their dining room.

MissionsAngel said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite old man!! lol No really John I do hope you've had a wonderful birthday, sorry my friend that I couldn't be there to make fun of you....I mean celebrate with you ;)!!!! The magnitude in which God wants to you use you is endless. Don't be afaid to be the man God created you to be...Keep your chin up and smile! Again Happy Birthday my friend!!! BTW-I've got your check list and I'm still looking-Great things are in store for you in 2009! For nothing is impossible with God-and with an Angelic friend such as me ;)