Thursday, September 25, 2008

On a happier note from the post below, the siding is being installed and I really like it!! It is a red, shake look siding and is something a little different. The brick pillars out front will be done in the same black rundlestone that is on the fireplace in the living room with a white vinyl picket fence between them. What a difference!!

I need your opinions!! I ordered these windows back in February.. They were supposed to be installed around the end of May. They didn't come until the end of July and they were made wrong (the grills came down 1/2 way on the windows and they were only supposed to come down 1/3 of the way. They reordered and they came wrong again. They finally reinstalled them yesterday. ( Some of the grills are still missing) In the pictures below is the job they left me with. Please let me know if I am being unreasonable, or if this was your job would you want something done about it? This is a big ticket job!! It is much worse when you are seeing it in real life!!(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)
This is how the casing looked when it was installed correctly. It fitted together tightly and was beautiful.

In the first 2 pictures notice how the vinyl "waves"? They sprayed the foam in and did not wait for it to expand before puting the trim on, therefore when it expanded it pushed at the vinyl causing it to buckle. You cannot make the trim look straight when dealing with this. They were in a hurry and were not happy about having to deal with the trim. It is not supposed to go on until the next day, but they were slapping it on as soon as they sprayed the insulation in.

In the next two pictures you will see the gaps they left between the casings and told me to just fill it with dap. Go back and look at the original way the trim fitted. It was tight!!

This last picture takes the cake!! The crown moulding was split and they did not say a word about it!! If this was your home, what would you do and say?


Anonymous said...

I dont ever usually comment on blogs other than my family but I couldnt help it this time. I know that if that was my home I would complain in a heartbeat. When you ordered the job done would you have done it if you knew that was the quality of work? No way!I would go right to the manager and have it fixed ASAP and also ask for compensation. Maybe Im been too difficult but I believe if you pay money for a job you should have it done right! When on two tries it is still a poor job I know I would not be satisfied at all! Good luck and hope it all works out! (just my opinion!)

Lisa said...

Sis Tina,
I love the style of the windows, however I agree with the other Lisa. Let them know you cannot accept the install! I know how diappointed you must be to have waited so long and then this?

holmessellshomes said...

Thank you To both of you. We did have the president of the company come out this morning and they did level the windows. Now we just have to deal with the trim. We have asked the people who did some of the other renos to do the window trim so that it will be ready for the laquer when the woodworking guy comes back on Saturday. They do awesome work. We told the window guys to just leave it alone. Hopefully they will reimburse us for the cost of having it done over again. It will come out all right I hope!!