Friday, June 06, 2008

Front entrance. This used to be completely closed off from the rest of the house making it very small and dark.

Living room with wood burning fireplace.

Another shot of the area looking toward the back entrance, bathroom and 1st bedroom before the walls forming the door going into the basement and the walls forming that 1st bedroom come completely down. This bedroom will eventually be an office open to the rest of the main area.

Standing in the kitchen area looking into the dining, living room area.

Standing in kitchen looking toward bedroom areas

Standing at the back entrance and looking toward the bedroom and bathroom area. Pretty much back to studs here.

Looking from the living room to the back entrance.

kitchen area

Walls coming down between the kitchen, dining and living rooms. you can see where the walls were by looking at the ceiling. The wall where the chimney pipe is, was the front coat closet and a broom closet. There was a wall between where the kitchem was (insulated area)and the dining room (panelled area)

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