Sunday, May 04, 2008

Girl Puppy!!! Miracle puppy!!!!
This little girl fell from my arms on Thursday evening and was for sure dying. She did not make a sound but was struggling to breathe. Ken thought for sure she was gone and put her outside because I was so very upset. I was crying and praying my heart out for God to touch her and I heard a little wimper. It came from her!! Ken went outside to look at her and said she was alive. We took her to the vet. They would not tell me that she could make it. They just said all they could do was try. She had severe lung contusions and they wer filled with fluid. They put her on oxegen and I continued to pray. She had to stay in the hospital until Saturday. At ladies prayer I asked for prayer for her. A little later that day the vet told me she was doing better but definitely not out of the woods and gave her a 50/50m chance. By Saturday morning, she was doing 100% better and they told me she would most likely make it and by that evening she was home, running around playing like nothing had ever happened. All of the assistants and the vet himself said she was a miracle! I agreed with them and told them about praying for her. One of the nurses told me he had seen one survive that condition before, but it had taken a long time. I am thanking God today for the litlle pup running around my house chewing on my shoes!!
You may think it is weird, praying for a dog, but as Sis. King said, God cares how we feel and I felt terrible about dropping her. It was a testimony to the power of God. If he could heal up a little puppy so quickly, how much more is he willing to heal us of our illnesses and hurts? It was a faith builder for me. Thank you Jesus for touching my little puppy!!


Anonymous said...

So glad the little puppy is well & whole. Thank God for caring for even the small things that matter in our lives.
Been thinking about that little puppy all day Saturday & praying for her too. God is good!


holmessellshomes said...

Thank you Charlene. It really is amazing. If you guys could have seen her when she fell and see her now, just a few days later, it truly is a mircle! thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it!

j.elle said...

Mom Holmes,
After last night I am officially attached to the little puppy. She is so adorable!

jessiegurl79 said...

That's soo amazing! She's quite the gorgeous little puppy.

holmessellshomes said...

I am going to hate to see her go. She is leaving for her new home on Thursday. I have had the opportunity to tell several people about this little miracle and they will hear aobut it too!
She is so lively and cute now it is hard to believe she was ever hurt!

Angelica said...

She is soooo stinkin cute!!! They are getting so big!