Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calgary, morning of April 9, 2008

(notice the easter bunny was a little late this year!)
Calgary, morning of April 10 2008!


Gene Holley said...

Wow! That is beautiful! But I can only stand it for about a day and a half.

holmessellshomes said...

Well Gene, thankfully it won't last that long at this time of year. It is well over half gone already. It was an incredible dump of snow though. Great snowman snow. said...

Wow.... I LOVE IT!!!
What a sight!!!
I am thankful for that dump of snow that fell the Thursday.

When God said he would make us whiter than snow......that is white!!

Lovely pictures Tina,, you took some goodies!!

MissionsAngel said...

I was in awe of the pictures!! WOW!! I'm buring up here is Sac-it has been in the high 80s the last few days-so the snow looks lovely!!