Thursday, January 03, 2008


Thank you to all of my friends old and new. Thank you for caring and sharing and for just being there. I don't know what I would do without you. You keep me balanced and help to keep my perspective straight. You all help to complete my life. Thanks for everything.
I hope I can be a good friend to all of you! That I can be a real Christian and that people go away feeling good after having spent time in my company.

4 comments: said...

Oh yes, you have been such a fine friend to me in the short time we have hung out! You are someone for real that I walk away from and feel enriched! I am not just saying those words I mean what I said. Something I am observing about blogging; words can be written so easy! But, actions speak so much louder than words.In summary; I mean what I just said Tina, My only regret is that I am not such a friend to you. That is always my shortcoming!!
Something I need to definately work on.I really want to be there for you Tina. I think my life will become much more available in the months to come and I will find Merrily again, much more time!!LOL
Then I can start giving to others instead of always giving Merrily to my kids.

holmessellshomes said...

Your kids should come first, but I know what you mean about the having more time on your hands. You'll not know what to do with yourself! Actually that is probally not true because you'll be babysitting or doing something that they need done!! LOL.You will have a blast with it all. Exciting times for you this year!!
I always enjoy my conversations with you as well and your words meant more to me than you could imagine. Life is so busy it is hard to spend as much time as we would like being involved with other peaple. I understand that!! said...

Thanks Tina!!! We will have us a time again!! We still need to go and see Meg and Vince....
I always enjoy our times together, they truly are rich!!
Love you my friend.

holmessellshomes said...

Yes we really need to go and see Meg and Vince. Let's plan on it soon. Make sure the weather is good though!