Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The beginnings of my garden.

Gardening season is here again and I just read a post by Kara about the unfolding of the rose. This poem is never heard by me without it bringing to mind the message preached by Bro. V. Morton "Just let it unfold". The first time I heard this message was at a little church we rented just off of 14st. for a conference many years ago and I have heard it many times since. It has been a tremendous blessing to me. The message was of course born through much suffering on the part of Bro Morton.
I got to thinking about the process of the blooming flowers we are about to once again enjoy. Many of them, especially the ones that survive year after year, have once again come through the hard, cold winter. They have had to die off each fall and lay dormant for a while, then they have to get the rain, improvements to the soil have to be added, and the soil must be broken up. Finally the sun comes out and they break into bloom and are beautiful once again. Often during the spring or fall they also have to suffer the pruning process, the cutting away of useless and dead branches or just branches that hinder it from being shaped just right.
In our lives, (the Bible says we are the planting of the Lord) we also have to go through these times of drought, cold wintery days, breaking of the soil of our hearts, prunings and finally the days of sun shine come again. In order to be the beautiful flowers God intends our lives to become, we must endure and survive all of these times. The key is to Let God Unfold The Rose!! Let His hands do the work in our lives. He is the master gardener!

For all of you who love to garden, enjoy this time of year and let it be a time of renewing of your minds and refreshing of your hearts.


merbear said...

I love what you wrote Tina! Beautiful!!
We are so much like plants, tender yet hardy!
I can relate and that is likely why God used garden analagy likening it to us humans.
Made my day reading your blog!
Thank you!

merbear said...


Allie_Marie said...

Tina, the garden is looking good. That is one thing that I love about spring. Last year while walking by the river I took three rosebuds and keep them at work. I see them every day and think of summer flowers and beauty. On to more spiritual matters, I like the feel when done but it hurts when it is happening. You see good changes in yourself and say that was God, but then later soemthing else comes up and it time to prune or break up the soil. When all is said and done though, you fit into this beautiful garden God has created, called life and you compliment each other to make a picture that gives God glory.

holmessellshomes said...

I was also thinking that some of the plants do not survive. some get uprooted in the storms, some just dry up in the times of drought, while others don't survive the extreme harsh weather. It is important for us to take advantage of the sunshine and rain to get established and rooted in the word of God and stay full of God's spirit.

holmessellshomes said...

I like that thought of God's garden and us complimenting each other. It would be a pretty boring garden if we planted all the same plant and had no variety!

MissionsAngel said...

That sermon along with the song has always been so dear to me. I have lived my life in constant reminder that no matter what HE knows what HE is doing. He tenderly unfolds my life, one petal at a time. You have truly spoken a beautiful word of truth. Well written Tina!
Love Angelica Rose

starlet said...

TINA!! That was beautiful...!!
The word "pruning" is so appropriate.... It can be very painful though,(chunks getting cut off here and there)... you kinda feel like "ouch... that was where I liked it...excuse me!" But God is the Ultimate Gardener.... "So prune away Lord!" ;)

I know I'm only 21 but trust me.... I've experienced the pruning plentya'time!

holmessellshomes said...

Thanks for your comments, Angel and star. You are both beautiful girls. god definitely knows what he is doing and the sooner we can get on board with him the betteroff we will be. I know he cares more about what we are on the inside than that we don't hurt. He wantws to make us whole!
Love you guys. I wish I were as far along with my walk with God at your age as you are . Keep on the right path!