Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I just don't know where to begin to explain the experience at the Rock Church. The preaching was amazing and God anointed. Bro Randy Keyes preaching about the miracle working God we serve and the man's eye being healed right there in the middle of the preaching was awesome. The message by Bro. Wilson about dead bones living again spoke to me on a very personal level. Do we dare walk around them and expore them? It is a deeper thing than meets the eye and definitely not a surface experience. Bro Cody Marks hit on so much. It was so powerful! The Friday evening altar service was probally the most impacting for me. It was such a powerful move of God! There were undercurrents and severe personal struggle all that day for me and at the end of the service I just decided I was going to whorship God. I went to the front. As I stood there trying to whorship, the Spirit of the LOrd moved in all around me. People praying for other people. During this time a preacher ( I have no idea who) began to pray powerfully for me. I will never forget the words spoken. "Take your hands off of it. Let the Holy Ghost work it out. Take your hands off of it! I was just standing there worshipping God. He had no idea who I was and for sure no way of knowing the war that was waging. It meant so much to me.
There is so much in my heart. The whole experience of the Rock Church. The spirit of the church, the absolutely beautiful people we met, the work going on. It was just so overwhelming to me. I feel stirrings in my spirit that I want to come out fully. I feel God trying to perfect me and work the carnality out of me. This process it not always pleasant. I want to be filled with so much more of God's love. Love that reaches out to my family and friends. A love that supercedes all boundaries, that will not be governed by selfish motivation. A love that goes beyond personalities and self conciousness. Just a pure moving of the Holy Ghost in me!

This post is definitely not exhaustive but I wanted to write a little about the experience at No Limits.


jessiegurl79 said...
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jessiegurl79 said...

It was so incredibly amazing wasn't it. I would have to agree with you that the Power of God was most strong to me on Friday night altar call also. It was soo neat to see the Calgary group that stood united in the front of the church all holding hands. We brought back a total differant spirit and attitude. I truly believe that some of us were united and we were healed of our insignificant differances between us. God spoke to many of the people in the circle and blessed all of us. It was just simply amazing.. I don't have any other words to explain it. God is awesome. It brings tears to my eyes to think that He cares so much about us. God has prepared us to walk into another level. Thank God!